Our Farms

Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative is a group of small-scale farms who have teamed up to share resources so that we can deliver the best foods more easily to our customers. All of our farmers are committed to sustainably raising livestock on clean pastures using methods that benefit the animals and the land on which they graze. Each Grass Roots farmer has a unique, personal interest in sustainable agriculture. Read our stories below to learn more about why we farm the way we do.

In addition to supporting our member farms, the Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative is also committed to assisting individuals and families interested in entering into the sustainable-agriculture economy. Every year, in collaboration with Heifer USA, we provide a handful of apprentice farmers—chosen from a pool of applicants—startup capital, agricultural equipment, technical assistance, market access, and financial training. After a year, these farms can be voted into membership by the coop board. This mentorship program serves to cultivate new local food systems around the state and to reinvigorate the rural economies on which they depend.