Well Fed Women Box

Well Fed Women Box

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We've partnered with our friend & Well-Fed Women podcast host, Noelle Tarr, to create a limited edition box perfect for the busy parent. Packed with beef, pork and poultry, this box makes weeknight meals simple for everyone in the family. 

3 x Ground Beef (1lb each)

2 x Boneless Chicken Thighs (1lb each)

2 x Chicken Tenders (8oz each)

2 x Sirloin Steaks (8oz each)

1 x Ground Turkey (1lb)

1 x Beef Broth Bones (2lbs)

1 x Bacon (12oz)

Use code WELLFEDBOX for 15% off. Can't be combined with any other offer or loyalty points. One box per customer. 

"As a cookbook author, I can personally attest that because the meat is so incredibly tasty, it doesn’t need a ton of seasoning or fancy cooking techniques. And the best part? I have two toddlers at home who can be picky, and they both have scarfed down all the meals I’ve made with Grass Roots Co-Op meat. Our family is so thrilled to have Grass Roots Farmer’s Co-Op as a resource, and we love being able to put food on our table from small scale family farms in the US." - Noelle

Our steers, chickens, and pigs are all raised outdoors with sunlight, fresh air, and clean grass. No hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs needed.


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