Split Chicken Breasts

Split Chicken Breasts

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100% pasture-raised chicken. Our birds enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and fresh green grass every day! Free shipping on orders over $120. Ships anywhere in the lower 48 states in 2–7 days.
  • Non GMO feed
  • Additive free / hormone free
  • No antibiotics
  • Air chilled
  • Small family farms
  • Delivered to your door

This package weighs 16–20 oz and contains 2 split chicken breasts.

Chicken split breast is a bone-in, skin-on cut that includes both the chicken breast and tender.  The bone in the cut adds extra flavor, and the skin helps lock in moisture as the meat cooks. We recommend baking or roasting split breasts because it’s so easy to do so!

All our chickens are raised on pasture and are moved to fresh grass every day. Living outside and grazing naturally keeps our birds healthy, which means we don’t have to treat them with hormones or antibiotics. Their diet is supplemented with a GMO-free, custom-mixed grain full of nutrients.

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