Sliced Pork Belly

Sliced Pork Belly

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100% forested pork. Our pigs roam freely in their natural woodland habitat. Free shipping on orders over $120. Ships anywhere in the lower 48 states in 2–7 days.

  • Non GMO feed
  • Additive free / hormone free
  • No antibiotics
  • Nitrate free (other than cherry powder and celery salt)
  • Small family farms
  • Delivered to your door


This package contains approximately 1 lb of sliced pork belly.


It’s like bacon, for the purist. Sliced pork belly is exactly what the name describes—there’s no curing or smoking. With this product you’re getting simply the raw pork. You can season it, marinate it, or—if you’re the adventurous home chef—smoke it yourself. But, no pressure. It’s easy to enjoy it just the way it is.

All of our pigs live outdoors and forage in their natural woodland habitat. Their grazing is supplemented with a custom-mix feed ration containing probiotics and lots of nutrients. None of our pork contain hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms.

Farming Practices