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Ribeye Steak, Boneless

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Arguably America's favorite cut, ribeye steaks are the most generously marbled and buttery steaks you can buy. They are cut from the rib section of the cow between the loin and the shoulder, and contain a long muscle, longissimus dorsi or "eye," that gets little exercise so it's very tender. Because our cattle live their entire lives on pasture, the meat also has a more complex and richer flavor. Ribeyes can take the heat so they're perfect for the grill, broiler and high-heat stovetop searing - as the fat cooks down, it adds moisture and flavor to the meat. Since they're boneless, they cook evenly and more quickly so you can enjoy your nice, juicy steaks asap.

Weight: 14 oz

Cooking Method: Skillet, Grill, Skillet-to-oven, Broil

Temp Guide: FDA Internal: 145° let rest for 3 minutes. For Rare: 125°, Medium Rare: 135°, Medium: 140° to 145°, Medium Well: 150°, Well Done: 160°

Farming Practices

Every Grass Roots animal is born, raised and harvested in the USA. They graze on natural, non-GMO pasture and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle are grass-fed and finished and never eat grain or grain by-products.

We practice regenerative farming that fosters a diversity of plants, uses no-till methods, and incorporates grazing animals to restore the soil and respect the animals. Our farms and processing facilities maintain the highest standards and provide economic opportunities in rural communities.

Our Guarantee

We provide the highest quality meat in the most transparent manner. For questions or cooking inspiration please reach out to us at 501-290-7031 or

All Grass Roots Products:

  • Flash-frozen at peak freshness
  • No dyes, fillers, or artificial flavorings
  • No synthetic nitrates

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