Bacon Ends

Bacon Ends

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100% forested pork. Our pigs roam freely in their natural woodland habitat. Free shipping on orders over $120. Ships anywhere in the lower 48 states in 2–7 days.

  • Non GMO feed
  • Additive free / hormone free
  • No antibiotics
  • Nitrate free (other than cherry powder and celery salt)
  • Small family farms
  • Delivered to your door

This package contains 1.5 lbs of forested bacon ends.

Our bacon ends are packed with just as much flavor as our traditional bacon, but come in smaller, irregular pieces because it's trimmed from the end of the belly. The irregular shapes mean it may not be as pretty as the pieces we cut from the middle of the belly, but it's still delicious and has that healthy, tasty fat you love from our pastured pork. We love using the leftover fat from cooking to sauté veggies or fry eggs, but its equally delicious as the flavoring for soups, beans, baked vegetables and pasta, stir-fry rice dishes or omelettes. Naturally cured and with a delicious smokey flavor, our bacon has no added nitrates or nitrites—other than those in the celery powder we use in our rub. Ingredients: Water, vinegar, and 2% or less of: sea salt, turbinado sugar, celery powder, cherry powder, sodium carbonate, rosemary extract.

All of our pigs live outdoors and forage in their natural woodland habitat. Their grazing is supplemented with a custom-mix feed ration containing probiotics and lots of nutrients. None of our pork contains hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms.

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