Beef Shanks

Beef Shanks

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100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Our steers live their entire life on fresh pasture.

  • No grains in their diet, ever
  • Additive free / hormone free
  • No antibiotics
  • Small family farms
  • Delivered to your door

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Grass Roots bone-in shanks are hand cut from our grass-fed beef. The bone helps seal in moisture and adds an unrivaled depth of flavor. This cut is ideal for slow roasting in an oven or crock pot because the long cooking time and low temperature will help breakdown the connective tissue, making the meat more tender.

Grass Roots beef is 100% grass fed and finished and GMO free. Because it is dry aged, our beef is full of flavor and perfectly tender. Our cattle are raised outdoors, are moved to fresh pasture daily, and are never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

This package contains 2–3 pounds of beef cross cut shanks.

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