Pork chops, Ribeye

Pork chops, Ribeye

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100% forested pork. All our hogs roam freely in their natural woodland habitat.

  • Non GMO feed
  • Additive free / hormone free
  • No antibiotics
  • Nitrate free (other than cherry powder and celery salt)
  • Small family farms
  • Delivered to your door

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These chops are cut from the rib end of the hog, near the center of the loin. Like it’s beef counterpart, the pork ribeye is boneless and well marbled.  This chop is very tender and has a little bit more fat than the porterhouse.

Because these chops are boneless, they will cook evenly quickly. We love pan-searing them and grilling them.

All of our hogs live outdoors and forage in their natural woodland habitat. Their grazing is supplemented with a custom-mix feed ration containing probiotics and lots of nutrients. None of our pork contain hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms.

This  package contains: 2 8-oz pork chops

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