Recipe: Perfect Bratwurst with Grilled Veggies

The easy slide into summer is a special time on our farms. Every blade of grass bolts for the sky, insects buzz with fervor, the breeze seems to bloom with the scent of fresh flowers, and our animals enjoy long daylight hours to forage and roam in their natural habitat. It’s also a special time with our families. An end to the school year means more time for family meals and weekends spent exploring local parks and swimming holes.

This week’s recipe is the perfect plan for a cookout at home or an easy bring-along feast at a local park or campsite. We’re proud to partner with Katie at Chase Studio who created this delicious, no-fuss Grass Roots bratwurst recipe that pops with flavor. Katie is an incredible mom to four adorable kids under the age of five, so she knows something about prepping meals for a big family that are quick to make, nutritious and satisfying. She even shot a handy video to show you the steps.

Read the recipe for Summer Bratwurst with Grilled veggies here.