If you have ever been intimidated by cutting up a whole chicken, don’t be. It really is easier than it sounds. Besides the fact that it is much more economical to purchase a whole chicken compared to parts, there is something extremely satisfying about using a really sharp knife and taking a few minutes to do the job yourself. Here are a six quick and easy steps to cut up a whole chicken.

Of course, start off with a really good, high quality whole chicken.

1. Using a really sharp and solid knife, run your knife down the middle of the chicken breast, cutting through the bones.

2. Use your hands to open up both sides of the chicken breasts, and cut along each side. You will have two halves and a backbone. Keep the backbone and set aside for making stock.33. Next you are going to make a clean cut between the breast and the thigh. The wing will be on the side of the breast. 

4. Take a hold of the breast and cut cleanly between the thigh and the leg. It may be a challenge the first time you do it but it is really quite easy to cut around the bone.

5. Now it is time to move the wings from the chicken breasts. Follow the same procedure in step 4 to cut around the bone.

6. There you have it. Eight classic pieces of chicken cut from a whole bird. All the remainder pieces, including the neck and backbone are ready to go into a stock.