Greetings, fellow food enthusiasts!

We are Philip and Ashley Adams. The little one is our daughter Emerson. We subscribe to an annual share of meat from Grass Roots: The Original. We will be sharing our experience as Grass Roots customers. Receiving fresh meat in quarterly (or monthly) deliveries has been different than our past shopping and cooking experience. We hope to show that any perceived challenges can be overcome with a little planning and that the shift in how we cook with our Grass Roots meat is a tasty reward.


Ashley and I are both Arkansas natives and currently reside in Elkins, AR. I work for the University of Arkansas and Ashley spends most of her time making sure our toddler doesn’t swallow rocks that magically appear in the living room, chunks of grout chipping off the kitchen floor, or yet another mouthful of water from the dog’s water bowl. We are not culinary professionals, but I have some past experience in food service. We are a new family working to buy and prepare the best food we can.


We wanted to buy a share in Grass Roots since we heard about it. For us, the meat is an investment. Buying local meat from the farms who produce it is one of the best ways we see to invest in our own health and well-being, our local economy, and the future of the environment with the same dollars. It feels like one of the most honest ways to invest money. But we weren’t sure if we could afford it. So we tracked our spending on meat from our grocery bill for three months and found out we were spending $80-85 each month on meat at the farmer’s market and local grocery store. The Original annual share comes out to $90/month, after an initial deposit. We scrounged for the deposit and made room for the few extra dollars each month. With every meal, I’m reminded of why we made the switch.


We plan to share recipes featuring meat from our annual share. We also plan to share helpful stories, methods, and resources that we use to make the most of our meat, money, and time.

One resource that is really helpful is our meat inventory sheet. We keep a clipboard with blank sheets in the garage above the freezer. When our meat is delivered, we take an inventory of what goes in the freezer and then post it on the fridge. Grass Roots does provide a description of the items in each box delivered. We use our inventory to save time digging through the freezer when we need to pull some meat to thaw. Also, it’s extremely useful to have the exact weight and number of pieces recorded in advance. When we’re following a recipe, it saves so much time to check the inventory on the fridge, instead of heading out to the freezer to get that information.  The paperwork adds a few extra minutes when meat is delivered, but it saves many more back in the kitchen. Finally, it also helps us keep track of the other things in the freezer like chicken carcasses we are saving for stock, a frozen cake leftover from my birthday, or the number of frozen bags of breast milk we’ve got in a basket by the brisket.